Topics We're Studying

We are now learning stories from the life of Jesus.

Addition and Subtraction Facts
Place Value, Expanded Notation, Calendars, Fractions
Third Grade has started multiplication so they can be working on those facts too.

Pathways (Reading & Language Arts)
Parts of Speech: nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs
Being Neat in Handwriting, 3rd Grade - cursive
Our new reading book is: Summer of the Sharks

We are continuing our unit about the Solar System. Thanks to a generous donation, we have now been able to purchase some science textbooks!

Social Studies
Vocabulary for Unit 1:

arable land – land that is good for growing crops

arid – very dry

Geography – the study of Earth and the way living things use it

elevation – the height of land above sea level

continent – one of the largest land areas of earth. There are 7 of them.

ocean – largest areas of salt water on Earth

maritime climate – climate controlled by a large body of water, such as an ocean

humidity – the amount of water vapor in the air

landform – a shape on Earth’s surface (mountain, plain, valley…)

peninsula – an area of land nearly surrounded by water

Political map – a map that shows the boundaries between countries

Physical map – a map that shows the mountains, landforms, and bodies of water

region – an area on Earth with common features

globe – a model of the Earth

label – to mark or tag

satellite image – a picture of Earth taken from space

vegetation – plants that grow in an area

precipitation – moisture in the air that falls to the ground as rain or snow

plateau – a high, flat area of land

distortion – when an object loses its original size and shape


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